Coffee Roasting & Suppliers

We roast it, blend it, and grind it fresh for everyone because we believe our customers deserve fresh coffee.

We started operations in the year 1973 in a small and tight spaced shop in Hawally. Our initial roasting & grinding capacity in the first years was as little as 10 kilograms a day. Today, we have a capacity of producing coffee in tons, with the diversification in our range of coffee products.

When Al Ameed was launched, we depended on local suppliers for raw coffee. This lasted for about 2 years after which our business started growing and hence we started importing green coffee from overseas, which is still in practice.
The coffee is tasted and cupped very carefully in order for the perfect selection before it reaches our mill. Even after these many years, we never select any coffee without crucial examination because quality is our identity.

Most definitely for roasting different types of coffee we take great precautions in the essential steps required. For Arabic coffee, a light roast is needed, whereas for our classic Turkish coffee, a darker roasted is required. Our dedicated experts in coffee roasting have excelled in achieving the best roast for the required coffee.
Lastly, it is not only the roasting that makes our products unique, but also the different blends of grinds and the ingredients added to boost the flavor which marks our distinctiveness.