About Al-Ameed Coffee

We roast it, blend it, and grind it fresh for everyone because we believe our customers deserve fresh coffee.

We are specialized in roasting traditional coffee since 1973, primarily the Turkish coffee for which we are known to be the market leaders and as stated by thousands to be the best cup of Turkish coffee they ever sipped on.

In addition to a wide range of other coffee types and flavors of traditional and nontraditional coffee, we also have Al Ameed first class Cardamom. We take great measures to maintain our high quality and freshness through our careful coffee selection and roasting. We have been specialized in coffee for more than four decades and we are proud to have secured this identity.

From the time coffee was first introduced, it has been a representation of more than just a beverage. Coffee in the Middle East is a symbol of hospitality that has its roots from the Arabic traditional culture. In order to preserve this true heritage, Al Ameed coffee initiated the concept of launching a coffee roasting mill in the year 1973, that specializes in traditional coffee.

Today, in the market of Kuwait and overseas, Al Ameed coffee is a name that represents three major identities:

  • Specialty
  • Quality
  • Freshness

We do not compromise on any of these factors; therefore, our customers have trust in our products and services for years.

We at Al Ameed coffee continue to make every effort to retain this loyalty from our customers by always providing fresh roasted coffee.